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5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Services

Windows aren’t only the eyes to a house but also to any business. They can tell a lot about your company just by looking at them. For that reason, it’s crucial to keep your windows clean all year round.

Many commercial cleaning companies offer window cleaning services in Bakersfield, meaning you will never worry about getting professional help.

Forget about asking your employees to do some janitorial clean-up. Sure, they can take part in maintaining cleanliness in your workplace, but asking them to wipe clean the windows are too much, not to mention that it can undermine your company’s reputation.

Leaving the window cleaning to your in-house cleaners is another option. However, the results may be subpar compared to the work of professional ones.

DIY Window Cleaning Vs. Hiring Window Cleaners

Cost reduction is one benefit of do-it-yourself cleaning. Businesses can save on cleaning products or equipment and on contracting the services of professional cleaners.

However, the aim of cutting business costs might fall through when unwanted and unforeseen events happen.

Cleaning windows, especially hard to reach areas, can compromise your employee and facility personnel safety. Attempting to clean the windows without the right knowledge and tools can also cause property damage, thus incurring more expenses.

This is why hiring a window washing company is a more feasible option. Professional window cleaners are specialized in doing the job, allowing your business to benefit from it in the long-term.

Read on to find out the benefits of hiring a window cleaning companies and seeking help from cleaning experts at SJS Building & Maintenance.

The SJS Window Cleaning Services Advantage

1. Proper Tools & Adequate Training

Window cleaning is a meticulous job. It’s not like washing the dishes that 13-year-olds or someone with little-to-no experience can successfully do.

To ensure your windows are spotless and free from dirt, grime, streaks, and watermarks, you should contact professional window cleaners and let them do the job.

Unlike your employees, window cleaning experts are trained to handle every cleaning task, and they will go the extra mile to get your windows to look the way you want.

At SJS Building & Maintenance, we have a highly-experienced cleaning team with knowledge of different cleaning techniques, the right cleaning tools, and specific needs of every window type.

Hence, you can expect that our window cleaners will treat your windows with professionalism and make them sparkle like never before.

2. Ensure Employee’s Health & Safety

If you’re thinking about or you’ve been asking your employees for small favors like wiping your windows, stop it now. You might only face some problems when things get out of hand.

Say, for example, your staff aims to clean the higher part of your windows and gets a step ladder to reach the dirt lurking around the top rails. While wiping the rails, he hurt his hands and accidentally fell on the ground.

Here’s the deal: There are plenty of window cleaning companies in Bakersfield that can help you maintain your windows’ look. Let your employees spend their time on work-specific tasks.

Cleaning windows is no fun; it not only risks your dearest staff’s safety but also exposes them to dust, dirt, and other germs.

When you entrust your windows’ cleaning needs at SJS Building & Maintenance, you wouldn’t have to worry about your employee getting hurt or sick. We will give your windows thorough washing and cleaning to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in your workplace.

3. Improve Workplace Productivity

A clean work environment influences productivity. It allows employees to focus on their work and motivates them to tackle their tasks with high quality.

Imagine an employee sitting in front of a window full of molds. Mold buildups aren’t a good sight and even have a musty smell, which can distract your staff every single time.

To keep everyone in your team always on distraction-free mode, make sure your windows undergo routine cleaning. Clean windows let more natural light enter your building, and professional window cleaners like SJS Building & Maintenance can guarantee you just like that.

4. Extend the Window’s Longevity

The dirt and grime on your windows not only trigger respiratory conditions and allergies but can also cause permanent damage and scratches over time.

And, when these marks linger on your windows for long, they can weaken the panes and lead to expensive damages later on. This is why you should have your windows cleaned regularly to save yourself the frustration of fixing damaged windows.

At SJS Building & Maintenance, we treat our clients’ office windows like our own. Our window cleaning experts will clean your windows inside and out to ensure no dirt and grime gets left on either side.

Our window cleaning services aren’t only available in Bakersfield, but also in Taft, Visalia, and surrounding areas in California.

5. Boost Company’s Bottom Line

Windows are an important visual component of any commercial space. They make a business appealing to the customers, like how a clean bathroom impresses house guests.

Let’s put it into perspective. A potential client waits in your holding area with a bunch of investors to discuss business. While waiting for his turn, he looked out the window to get a glimpse of what’s happening outside.

What do you think will happen next if he noticed your dirty and filthy windows? It’s either he let it pass, or he will pass on the opportunity to someone else.

The bottom line is dirty windows can create a negative impression. If you leave your windows that way, customers and clients may assume that you put minimal care into your overall business.

Summing It Up!

Your business premises says a lot about your company. That means your windows, being a crucial part of your office can either hurt or make your brand.

Why deal with the stress of cleaning your office windows, when you can hire professional window cleaning experts in Bakersfield?

Leave the hassle of window cleaning to SJS Building & Maintenance, and our team of professionals will give your windows their much-needed care and deep cleaning.

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

As a business owner, you should never underestimate the importance of a clean working environment. Workplace germs may spread like wildfire, and they can make your employees sick.

While you may have an in-house cleaner who regularly maintains the neatness of your office, he or she might be ignoring an essential piece in your facility: your carpet flooring.

Carpets can harbor a number of species, such as dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, and more. Since dirty carpets are home to many harmful organisms, vacuuming them isn’t enough.

This is why contracting the cleaning work out to professionals is recommended for some spruce up. Our company SJS Building & Maintenance offer carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield and surrounding cities—all you need to do is reach out and seek our help.

By hiring professional carpet cleaners, you can rest assured that your carpets are free from dirt, stains, bacteria, and allergens. And the best part? You won’t worry about your most valuable assets getting sick.

Opting for professional carpet cleaning and care actually benefits business owners in countless ways. But before we look at each of them, let’s first talk about how a dirty carpet affects your employees’ health.

Health Risks of a Dirty Carpet in the Workplace

Carpets lose their decorative purposes when not maintained properly. Not only that, but dirty carpets can significantly pose health hazards in the workplace.

Here’s a list of a few health issues that could come from a filthy carpet:

Skin Irritation. Dust mites, microscopic bugs that commonly hide in the carpets can cause skin rashes, irritation, and eczema.
While it’s impossible to completely get rid of these insects, regular professional cleaning might prevent dust mite population growth.

Allergies. Dust mites not only trigger skin-related problems, but they can also make people suffer from allergic reactions.
Many people with dust mite allergy may experience coughing, wheezing, blocked noses, difficulty in breathing, and sore throat.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology warns that these irritants can build up in the carpet and stir up allergy flare-ups immediately after vacuuming.

Respiratory Issues. Mold, dust, dirt, and even pet hair can all get trapped in carpets. Any build-up of such contaminants can inflame the lungs and cause serious respiratory health issues.

Walking on a dirty carpet can free these particles or spread them into the air. This is a cause for concern for individuals who suffer from asthma, as they’re more vulnerable to airborne toxins.

Weakened immune system. Bacteria and fungi lurk in dirty carpets. In fact, microbiology research found an average indoor carpet contains approximately 200,000 bacteria per inch – 4,000 times more than a toilet seat.

What to Expect from SJS Building & Maintenance’s Carpet Cleaning Services

To ensure that everyone in your organization isn’t exposed to the dangers of dirty carpets, let SJS Building & Maintenance help you. We offer carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield, California, and nearby cities to assist both small and big businesses.

Below are the four reasons to hire a professional carpet cleaner—or should we say four things you can expect from us.

1. Save You Time & Money

Carpet cleaning companies save you time from searching DIY hacks to keep your carpets stain- and germ-free.

And, if you’re hesitant about hiring professional carpet cleaners because it might break your pocket, think about how much money you can save on the industrial-grade cleaning equipment. (See #2)

Sure, asking your staff to tackle the dirty carpets may be a cheaper option. However, it may still cost you more in the long run. For example, you need to invest in high-performance equipment, stain removers, and other commercial cleaning products.

On the contrary, engaging with carpet cleaning services eliminate the need to buy or rent carpet cleaning equipment. Therefore, it’s most likely to be more cost-effective in the long term.

2. Industrial-Grade Products

While you may own a retail-bought carpet cleaner, such a cleaning machine is incomparable to professional cleaning equipment.

Unlike the former, the latter has a sturdier product design and is equipped with advanced features that guarantee better results.

When you choose to hire carpet cleaning services in Bakersfield like SJS, you can keep your carpet in its pristine condition while at the same time protecting your employees from harmful organisms.

SJS Building and Maintenance will give you peace of mind because we only use state-of-the-art technology and employ industry-standard techniques.

3. Highly Trained Carpet Cleaners

Professionals know better. That’s another reason to seek help from carpet cleaning companies.

Experienced carpet cleaners have extensive knowledge of carpeting specifications from thickness to texture, luster, color retention, and so on. They understand the requirements of each carpet type, allowing them to come up with the best carpet cleaning approach.

Additionally, professional carpet technicians know exactly how to get stains out of the carpet without causing more damage.

At SJS, we have a team of highly trained carpet cleaners who will handle your carpet’s cleaning needs and protect your carpet from any unintentional damage.

4. Increase Your Carpet’s Lifespan

Regular upkeep and routine cleaning let you maintain your carpets; it’s a surefire way to increase their lifespan.

So when you allow dirt, dust, and bacteria to live on your carpets, you neglect the idea of extending the life of your carpeting.

The best thing about having your carpets cleaned by professionals is that you not only get your carpets cleaned thoroughly, but you’re assured that your floor coverings stay in good condition for a long time.

Guaranteed Professional Carpet Cleaning!

Carpets can add value and comfort to your business. Just like your employees, you must take good care of them to keep them for years.

Need help cleaning and maintaining your carpets? No problem. SJS Building & Maintenance got you covered!

Here at SJS, we understand that a clean workplace tells potential clients that you care about them and your people. We’d gladly schedule a carpet cleaning for your office, and we can guarantee you fantastic results.

Call SJS today at (661) 205-3433 for professional carpet cleaning in Bakersfield or contact us via this form.

Janitorial Supplies: 5 Cleaning Must-Haves for Businesses

Did you know that commercial cleaning products and janitorial supplies can add value to your business?

Such cleaning essentials ensure that you provide a safe and healthy working environment for your employees, visitors, and customers. They also give your premises a professional look, which can form positive first impressions.

It takes a lot of time and effort to earn a client’s trust. That’s why having a dirty office environment doesn’t help—it can lose your clients, or worse, hurt your company’s image.

So whatever business you have in Bakersfield, California, make sure to stock up on essential cleaning tools.

It’s a great idea to buy in bulk, so you’re prepared in case the U.S. faces another uncanny shortage of disinfectants, toiler papers, and other cleaning products.

Ready to fill your storage room with a pile of cleaning products? Before we take a peek at these must-have items, let us first have a more in-depth look at why workplace cleanliness is key.

Reiterating the Importance of a Clean Workplace

Providing a clean and hygienic can make a positive impact on the health and safety, productivity, and satisfaction of employees and customers alike.

Here are some workplace cleanliness facts that will convince you to contact a janitorial supplies company in Bakersfield, California ASAP:

According to a 2014 study, a virus sample placed on doorknobs and tabletops in an office spread to 40-60 percent of workers and visitors within just 2-4 hours.
A CDC foundation 2015 study reported that sick days cost businesses $225.8 billion annually in the United States.

The 2017 Healthy Hand Washing survey found that 89 percent of Americans believe the condition of a workplace restroom is one indicator of how a company values its workforce.

In a retail consumer study performed by M/A/R/C, 14 percent of consumers polled said they would stop visiting a store that was not as clean as they would like.
These research findings show that most people are not as forgiving when it comes to cleanliness. Employees may judge the company they work for based on its cleanliness, and customers/clients may lose their interest in a business with dirty facilities.

Essential Items to Stock in Your Cleaning Closet

1. Trash Cans & Liners

Trash cans and garbage bags go together like bacon and eggs. While it’s okay to eat an egg alone for breakfast, adding bacon makes breakfast meals more delightful.

The same applies to using trash bins. It’s all right to use them without liners or plastic bags, but it’s unhygienic.

Trash bags keep waste contained and prevent the garbage from leaving residues in the bin. Keeping trash in a liner also makes it easier to dispose of and transport from one location to another.

Loose trash not only exposes trash cans to waste buildup and decay, but it also makes trash bins more prone to wear and tear when they get dumped. So, putting liners can extend the life of trash bins.

When you purchase these janitorial supplies, consider the type of trash can that you need, as well as the size of the trash bin and liner.

2. Cleaning Chemicals

Germs can be everywhere, not to mention that they are not visible to the naked eye.

Thankfully, there are many different kinds of disinfectants that you can use to combat bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and other harmful organisms.

Examples of such chemical agents are chlorine compound, alcohol, aldehydes, iodophor, hydrogen peroxide, and so on. Each disinfectant is formulated for various purposes and surfaces.

It’s crucial to pick a disinfectant best meets the needs of your facility. Below are four of the primary considerations that you should:

Effectiveness. Choose a cleaning solution that works best for your industry and facility type.
Ease of Use. It’s nice to have a ready-to-use use disinfectant that addresses a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mildew.
Kill Time. Check whether a disinfectant meets your facility’s kill time requirements.
Safety. Make sure to use only EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants.

3. Floor & Carpet Care Products

The foot traffic in your business space requires a lot of upkeep, considering that shoes can get dirtier than a toilet seat.

That’s why you should also invest in floor cleaning equipment and supplies. Your facility’s floors require frequent and routine cleaning.

Floor sweepers, dustpans, mops, mop buckets, mop accessories, and floor care chemicals are all must-have janitorial supplies—but they’re not enough.

You might need more heavy-duty janitorial products (i.e. auto scrubbers, rotary floor machines, hard surface cleaner, etc.) to perform spot cleaning regularly.

If you want to save space and money on hefty floor cleaning machines, you may opt to hire professional carpet and floor care services.

4. Disposable Cleaning Supplies

No matter what industry your business is in, you need to stock up on a specific set of disposable cleaning supplies.

Since these cleaning products are used only one time, they may run out fast and cause your business unnecessary downtime.

For example, cleaning sponge and dishwashing liquid supply shortage may result in a pile of dirty dishes in your office pantry.

Now, imagine what happens when an auditor visits your office unexpectedly. Your dirty kitchen sink can raise eyebrows, and you may probably get a minor non-compliance for that.

To ensure you’re always prepared, keep the following fast-moving items always on stock:

  • disposable gloves
  • mask or cloth facial covering
  • safety glasses
  • apron or gown
  • shoe coverings
  • face shield
  • sanitizing wipes
  • cleaning cloth and sponges

5. Restroom Supplies

For most customers, a clean restroom equates to a clean business. A clean bathroom encourages positive impressions, thus leading to repeat business and a better bottom line.

That’s why you should also only maintain your restrooms clean the way you keep your lobby or holding area neat and tidy.

To do just that, you must keep bathroom supplies in stock, including cleaning chemicals, tools, deodorizers, paper towels, rugs, mats, dispensers, and other accessories.

Doing so will not only help you provide clean and functional restrooms for your employees and guests but will keep your entire business spotless and professional.

Keep Your Workspace Clean!

Cleanliness is a big deal in every business; it can create a healthy work environment and influence the satisfaction of customers and clients.

As a business owner, you should treat cleaning as a cycle and invest in cleaning products to enjoy the above benefits.

At SJS Building & Maintenance, we value cleanliness as much as you do. We provide janitorial supplies in Bakersfield, California, and nearby cities, including Visalia, Porterville, Tulare, and Taft.

From paper products to trash cans and liners, floor cleaning products, general-purpose cleaners, and floor mats, we’re sure to have the best selection of commercial cleaning supplies to meet your needs.

We also offer top-class cleaning services, such as carpet and floor care, project-based janitorial services, upholstery care, commercial carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more.

Learn more about our janitorial and cleaning supplies at

Professional COVID-19 Cleaning Services in Bakersfield, California

Adversities like the COVID-19 outbreak has taught both residential and commercial areas to embrace a squad culture. If everyone in a squad practices good hygiene, then there would be no room to spare for any virus.

However, this is not always the case. The novel coronavirus, being an airborne illness, can spread into thin air. The droplets land on nearby surfaces, which makes it easy to spread quickly throughout a community.

This is why frequent handwashing may not be enough to combat the virus, especially in highly-exposed facilities such as hospitals, airports, supermarkets, and so on. Sanitizing and disinfecting are highly recommended to alleviate the germs that cause COVID-19.

So if you’re looking for cleaning services in Bakersfield, California, or neighboring cities, this article is for you. We’ve listed down commercial cleaning services that can protect yourself and those around you from getting the virus.

But first, let’s dig deeper on why cleaning and disinfecting takes on a new importance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Importance of Cleaning During COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the National Institutes of Health, COVID-19 can live up to three hours in the air. The U.S. health agency also found that the virus can live on different surfaces that people come into contact with on a daily basis.

Since the virus can float across rooms for up to three hours, there’s a higher risk for transmission to humans. People living and staying in the same environment can potentially inhale the virus, thus resulting in airborne transmission.

These research findings suggest that breathing air in a shared environment and touching contaminated surfaces might pose risks to anyone’s health. Therefore, it’s necessary to disinfect rooms, objects, and surfaces to lower the risk of infection.

The following are the common surfaces or items in homes and offices to disinfect:

  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Tables and chairs
  • Remote controls
  • Countertops
  • Doorknobs
  • Keyboards
  • Phones

COVID-19 Disinfecting & Sanitizing: The SJS Way

Handwashing remains the number one tip to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19). Not only does it reduce the spread of COVID-19, but it also reduces the risk of other viral illnesses such as cold and flu.

Aside from washing the hands with soap and water, there’s another solution that can eliminate exposure to infectious substances—deep cleaning and disinfecting.

At SJS Building & Maintenance, we recognize the importance of disinfecting solutions to promote a clean and virus-free environment.

We offer deep cleaning services in Bakersfield, California, and nearby cities, including Taft, Visalia, and Porterville to ensure that everyone is safe at home and in the office.

Deep Cleaning & Impact Cleaning Services

Mopping the floors, dusting surfaces, and vacuuming hard-to-reach areas don’t eliminate germs 100%. Germs may still be lingering on hard and soft surfaces, so cleaning alone with not any disease-causing viruses.

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, not only makes sure things are cleaned but also disinfected for infection control. It involves additional efforts on disinfecting high-touch areas, including door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, vending machines break rooms, bathrooms, lobby areas, and so on.

SJS uses hospital-grade and EPA-approved disinfectants to deliver a safe and effective deep cleaning process. Below is our cleaning methodology tailored specifically for COVID-19 cleaning:

Step 1. Electric & Electrostatic Spraying

We use a machine that sprays droplets of chemical disinfectants onto surfaces and objects. These droplets come from a specialized solution that is combined with air, atomized by an electrode, and positively charged to aggressively adhere to target cleaning areas.

Here are a few benefits of electrostatic spray disinfection:

  • Increase the area of coverage of the disinfectants
  • Reduce the time to cover and disinfect all surfaces
  • Ensure coverage of hard-to-reach places and surfaces
  • Leave less residue on surfaces than manual disinfecting
  • More efficient and controlled application of chemical disinfectants
  • Improves infection control and the spread of viruses (i.e. influenza, COVID-19, etc.)
  • Prevents costly financial burdens associated with contagious healthcare infections

Step 2. Biostatic Anti-Microbial Coating

For a more effective disinfecting, we recommend doing the next step: biostatic anti-microbial coating. This process involves the spreading of anti-microbial coatings on surfaces to inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria.

Why apply such coatings when disinfectants are already sprayed? Here’s the thing. Most conventional disinfectants are formulated to kill once upon application. This means they don’t kill harmful microbes after they dry.

Everything is susceptible to microbes—from equipment to walls, textiles, and food. They’re too small to be seen by the naked eye, making them difficult to find in the air, surfaces, objects, and even the human body.

By applying a biostatic anti-microbial coating, the spread of such microorganisms can be lessened. This cleaning solution is water-based, odorless, and colorless; it can also be wiped, sprayed, or misted on virtually any surface.

This surface coating is a must-have in virus-prone facilities (i.e. hospitals, healthcare centers, etc.) and at homes where there are people with weak immune systems. However, it can also be used in several consumer and industrial applications such as:

  • industrial
  • commercial
  • building products
  • outdoors
  • housewares

And the best thing? Biostatic coatings can last up to 90 days. That’s three-month surface protection from many harmful organisms.

Together, We Will Fight COVID-19!

COVID-19 has caused over one million deaths worldwide. Around two hundred thousand death cases are from the United States, with California, New York, and Texas having the highest number of deaths.

Indeed, the entire world is still battling to contain the disease and hoping to face a better and safer life post-pandemic. But with cautiousness and cooperation, everyone can get through this global challenge.

Follow the stay-at-home order strictly, practice proper hygiene and handwashing, stay physically active, and maintain a physical distance. These things aren’t hard to do and wouldn’t even cost anyone a penny.

But if you want to invest in cleaning solutions that will give you peace of mind, SJS got your back. We provide cleaning services in Bakersfield, Visalia, Porterville, and Taft, California, as well as surrounding counties such as Kern County and Tulare County.

To learn more about our COVID-19 disinfecting and sanitizing services, visit